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IMA World Health
PO Box 429, 500 Main Street
New Windsor, MD 21776

Phone: 410-635-8720
Fax: 410-635-8726
Email: imainfo@imaworldhealth.org
Web Address: http://www.imaworldhealth.org


About IMA World Health

IMA World Health is a PVO registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and also a member of the Core Group for Child Survival, the Global Health Council and the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD). IMA World Health was formed in 1960 as an association of twelve U.S. Protestant Relief and Development agencies to streamline requests to American pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers for gifts-in-kind for ongoing Member-sponsored health facilities, refugee services, and disaster relief programs.

In the past five years IMA World Health has managed pharmaceuticals and medical supplies donated by corporate partners, valued at $173.2 million, and shipped to 75 countries. This includes the IMA Medicine Box� which contains WHO-approved essential medicines and basic medical supplies to treat 1000 people for up to three months. Due to various strategic working relationships IMA World Health is also well positioned to network and leverage donor and private corporation support for the benefit of its projects.

In recent years IMA World Health has broadened its focus to include coordination and management service projects of interest to its Member agencies in four principle program areas:

  • Integrated Health System Development/Basic Service Provision
  • Targeted Disease Control
  • HIV/AIDS Programming
  • Networking/Local Faith-based Health System Support

The expertise of IMA World Health, in order to execute these functions, resides in three primary domain areas:

  • Capacity-Building for Faith-Based Organizations
  • Program and Financial Management
  • Resource Mobilization

International Voluntary Service Activities

IMA World Health has several denominational members who have extensive volunteers in mission programs and have been sending medical and other volunteers for decades. IMA World Health has utilized the services of these volunteers but has not sent volunteers for USAID funded programs as yet. These volunteers have gone as individuals or in teams to renovate clinics, orphanages, provide medical outreach services, conduct eye camps, and build capacity of national faith-based health network. The volunteers have spent time from one week to couple of years depending on the need and the availability. These volunteers upon return continue to advocate for the organization/program that they worked with and at times have returned several times for repeat volunteer service.

IMA World Health currently is managing several USAID funded programs/projects with local partners and plans to send volunteers through the Volunteers for Prosperity Program. We anticipate sending 2-6 volunteers in the next 12 months.

Volunteer for Prosperity Opportunities
Number of Opportunities 2-6


Geographic Regions Caribbean, Africa


Health & Prosperity Sectors Malaria, Health, Capacity Building, HIV/AIDS


Types of Opportunities Support


Average Duration of Projects 3-6 weeks


Volunteer Profile Summary

IMA World Health typically searches for volunteers with experience in public health as well as having significant experience living and working in Africa.

At the present time, we are recruiting for volunteers to support a Malaria Control Program in Tanzania. For this Project, we are looking for skills in GIS mapping, database management and analysis and someone who is able to spend 3-6 weeks at a time on this Project. IMA World Health will also be searching for an individual with a working knowledge of supply chain management in addition to pharmaceutical management.

We also anticipate recruiting a volunteer with monitoring and evaluation skills to assist in designing and implementing baseline assessment.