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Betsy Lomax

"…the most important element of every project is the inter-personal connections that are developed between fellow volunteers and the residents we have come to assist." – Betsy Lomax
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Chen Li

"They were smart, hard- working, and enthusiastic about learning a new technology; they made my volunteer work more meaningful." – Chen Li
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Karen Chun and Susan Smith (second and third from right) and members of the library club take part in ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the Degenhardt Library in Hoi An, Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Degenhardt Foundation

"We are excited and continually motivated by the stewardship of the library shown by the young library club." – Karen Chun
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Laurie Roberts

"We traveled, we taught, we learned as well.  I know that each time we leave; we leave with more than we brought.  We carry the smiles, the friendships we made, and the knowledge of the needs of the communities." – Laurie Roberts 
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 Nancy Maaty

 "With this trip, I realized that the only thing better than volunteering the first time, is volunteering the second time. ─ I felt like I made a difference by going back to the country of my origin to teach the skills I have learned.  At first I was worried if I had made any significant impact. But, this year I saw the importance and the demand of my presentations." – Nancy Maaty
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Dwight in Classroom

 "We require community involvement in all our projects. Working together, we should be able to develop sustainable projects that will result in lasting improvements to schools and clinics.” – Dwight Hanson
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